How to Move and Unpack Quickly

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Tonight I’m sitting in my house. Well, the latest place that I call my house. I moved last weekend. It’s the fourth move I’ve done in three years. I’ve become a bit of a professional packer. The actual moving I’ve left to the professionals.

So, what does it take to pack up my house ever year and move it?

It helps to do a few things:

  1. Save your boxes. Hopefully, you have a place you can store your boxes after you use them. It makes it easier to start packing whenever you’re ready.
  2. Go room by room. Pick one room and start there. It’s very daunting, but you have got to start somewhere. Be systematic.
  3. Sort as you go. Use this as an opportunity to go through all of your belongings. Have you worn it, used it, wanted it in the last year? If not, decide if it should be put in the garbage or sent to be donated.
  4. Label everything. You’ll appreciate this one when you get to the new place. It will help you to tell the movers to which to place a certain box. It will also help you to find the important things like toilet paper.

So, does all this saving, sorting and labeling make me organized, a little too type A or just plain crazy? Well, it’s been a week, and I’m just about unpacked. So, I believe it makes me just plain smart.


  1. A post on Valentines Day, and of the non-romantic kind, I am onboard! Great tips, BTW – and labeling, oh labeling, how powerful a little sharpie and sticky can be…

    • Yep! I couldn’t stomach something mushy. Plus, the move has been all that’s on my mind lately. LOVE me a good sharpie. I’m off to find my stickies …

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