Partners in Crime

Thank you to the people who helped get this website up and running.

Bridget Soden, creative director at Creative Vortex.
Bridget is very much like her company name. She’s a vortex of creativity. Talk with her about a project and almost immediately she has ideas about how to accomplish it — on time and on budget. When it comes to graphic designers, she’s one of the few who actually understands the business behind the need for her creative ideas. You can see her work in the header and background graphics of this site, however you should check out her website to see some of her more business-like work.

David Moyle, photographer at
David has a knack for capturing the true person in front of the lens. In addition to his headshot work, he is accomplished at taking photos for lifestyle, automotive, decor, editorial and more. And, he truly is up for any type of work you can toss in his direction. I even put him in a helicopter for the City of Torrance Centennial celebration in November 2011. If you have photo needs in Orange County, Calif., David is your guy!

Jeffrey Zinn, WordPress developer at Pixel Jar.
His expertise using WordPress is unparalleled. A quick conversation about my needs and he implemented a solution able to grow as my needs do. While this site is very simple, I’m truly impressed with the quick turn around and professional treatment. Even with a site this small, he took the time to demonstrate the most important features.