Event Summary | SV Forum: B2B Content Marketing Best Practices

B2B-Best-PracticesEarlier this week I attended the latest Marketing and Social Media event for SV Forum. The event focused on B2B best practices for content marketing and centered around the experiences of the CMO for Apttus. It was a rare evening event where there were not any slides. 

This particular event featured a conversation between the CMO and another gentleman. Such a comfortable way to present ideas. My main takeaways from the event were as follows:

The Struggle Is Real
Yes, even large companies have struggles. This content marketing thing is not easy for any company. It takes an astronomical amount of content to achieve success. Even a company as large and successful as Apttus has a hard time feeding the content engine. Additionally, they work as hard as everyone else to be successful.

People Don’t Want to be Sold
We hear it all time, “I’m tired of being sold to at every turn.” Well, as marketers it’s our job to find creative ways to share information that will help our customers and prospects to do their jobs faster, better, easier. This comes in the form of providing the right information at the right time in the right format.

Understand Your Audience
Use all the tools are your disposal to understand your audience. As marketers we should know more about our audience than our audience knows about themselves. Map our the journey of your audience. And then provide them helpful pieces of information. This information can be templates, white papers, blog posts, ebooks, and anything else that communicates your ideas in an easy to understand way.

Do you have any essential best practices to add? Please, share them in the comments below.


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