Who Is PR Dreamer?

I like to have fun. Serious and goofy all at the same time!

I like to have fun. Serious and goofy all at the same time!

Hello! I’m Theresa.

Welcome to my website. When I launched it several years ago, I thought I would blog a couple times a week about all kinds of things. Well, it’s turned into more of a when I feel like it labor. I’m trying to write once a month right now (as of March 2018) about experiences from my life, including work and play.

In addition to the work I do as a marketing communications professional, I’m a bit of a geek. I enjoy reading about the latest technology gadgets, and will save up to purchase my favorites. At the moment, I love reading the latest Iron Druid Chronicles book by Kevin Hearne, or Dresden Files book by Jim Butcher. And, I’m usually trying to catch up on a few months of WIRED on my iPad.  Although, I still have quite a love affair with real paper. Some things just don’t translate to a screen. 😉

When I’m not reading, you can find me watching television. I openly admit that I watch more TV than anyone else I know. My favorite shows are those that have characters I can relate to, a grand conspiracy theory, or can be binge-watched on Netflix. On my list right now, The West Wing, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction from David Letterman, and a few other Must See TV Favorites from NBC and ABC.