Can Marketing be Agile?

Be fluid. Be flexible. Be agile.

Be fluid. Be flexible. Be agile.

It’s been a crazy month or so. I was let go from my job, I started looking for a new one, and decided to take on more volunteer efforts with the Silicon Valley chapter of IABC. I thought I was busy before losing my job. It pales in comparison to the past month.

Anyway … this brings me to a few things I’ve learned recently.

I learned what I really would like in a job, and I learned that I have most of the skills to get me there. How do I go about learning what is missing? I have been doing a boat-load of reading. My favorites right now are Marketing Profs and Chief Marketing Technologist. [Read more…]

Social Media for Social Good

Recently, Mashable profiled a woman from Chicago who was homeless and used social media to change her circumstances. She may not have had a home, but she had a cell phone and used Twitter to help her deal with mental health issues. She thought that the aspect of minimal anonymity would help her get past her fears of talking to people.

What happened? Well, she met people who helped her pay her bills and who became her friends. She has been off the streets since April 2011 and has not plans to turn back.

This story is a true testament to the fact that social media can help just about anyone. So, the next time you think that social media can’t help you or your company, think creatively, decide your goals and get going.

What’s Your Networking Hook?

Tonight, I attended the SCVN general mixer. In order to do it well, networking takes practice and skill. The first question from most people is, “what do you do?”

Photo credit: David Moyle

It’s important to have your 10-second elevator pitch at the ready. Once you have shared your elevator pitch, then it is important to say or do something memorable. At an event like the SCVN general mixer you can meet anywhere upwards of 20 people. But, ask me, do I remember them all? No.

The one person I do remember had a unique skill and then actually took the time to learn about what I do. We went on to have a very interesting conversation about how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and to become a trusted source.

At the end of the day, networking is about being open, being prepared and making the connection between your expertise and the expertise of the person you’re talking to. Do you have your elevator pitch a the ready?