What’s Your Networking Hook?

Tonight, I attended the SCVN general mixer. In order to do it well, networking takes practice and skill. The first question from most people is, “what do you do?”

Photo credit: David Moyle

It’s important to have your 10-second elevator pitch at the ready. Once you have shared your elevator pitch, then it is important to say or do something memorable. At an event like the SCVN general mixer you can meet anywhere upwards of 20 people. But, ask me, do I remember them all? No.

The one person I do remember had a unique skill and then actually took the time to learn about what I do. We went on to have a very interesting conversation about how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and to become a trusted source.

At the end of the day, networking is about being open, being prepared and making the connection between your expertise and the expertise of the person you’re talking to. Do you have your elevator pitch a the ready?