Lists Everywhere …

I’ve become not a maker of lists, but a collector of them. There’s one on my refrigerator from the Santa Clara Water District with things to do in my area. And today, I took several lists from the Silicon Valley Business Journal:

  • Top 25 Museums by 2011 attendance
  • Top 25 Performing Arts Organizations by 2011 operating budget
  • Top 25 Wineries by cases produced.

Now to start checking some fun off the lists.

Gymnastics Live and In-Person ROCKS!

Last night, I went with 17,000 of my closest friends to see the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team be chosen. The women worked hard and performed amazing feats of gymnastic ability, and in the end only five of them are going on to the big show in London.

The experience of seeing the meet in person was fantastic. I would totally do it again. My seat was on the upper level directly by the balance beam. I mean it was so close I could hear the slap of feet on the beam after jumps and flips. The only thing I missed was the expert commentary by the NBC television team.

Here’s a few pictures from last night:

The team was named, and there’s confetti EVERYWHERE!


No flash photography. Yep, that’s my outline.

It’s Been One Month …

And, I love my job, I miss my friends and family, and I have started to explore my new home. Oh, and I can get a few places without the assistance of GPS.

Today, I participated in a MeetUp group loosely affiliated with the Santa Clara Open Space Authority. We explored a recently purchased property for the Authority in Coyote Valley. It was a beautiful sunny day with just the right about of wind to keep us cool while we walked.

I learned a few things today:

  1. The official California state rock is serpentine.
  2. There are Juniper’s growing in the hills here that doesn’t really belong.
  3. Cow pies really smell!
  4. Cows don’t have blue eyes, contrary to David’s belief.
  5. Coyote Valley has some of the country’s oldest oak trees.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from today. You can see them all in my Flickr stream.

A view up the valley


A look through the top of the Oak tree.

Social Media Tools

I’m testing out TwtPoll today with a simple question. Thank you!

Stop and Explore Your Neighborhood

Today, I stopped near the Long Beach, Calif. airport at one of the many Boeing buildings. I paused, because on the corner of Lakewood Blvd. and Carson there is a Veteran Memorial dedicated by the employees of McDonnel Douglas Corporation. This circular memorial of black rock, surrounded by tall palm trees does a beautiful job of blending the work done in Long Beach on war planes with the history of each war fought from World War II through the first Gulf War.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past this corner in the last three years or so, but today I took a moment to observe and remember.

Inside the Veterans Memorial.

Outside the Veterans Memorial.

What did you learn the last time you stopped to explore in your own neighborhood?