People Create the Ideal Atmosphere and Work Product

Who is on Your Team

While out for St. Patrick’s day last week, it occurred to me that every bar has its different people. I noticed a few types: the new to town, the creepy old man, the regulars, the drunk girl, the gaggle of girls and the group of guys. Every bar has them. And they play a vital role in creating the atmosphere and experience of the bar patrons. This got me to thinking about the members of a marketing and communications team. 

  • New to the team: This person is enthusiastic, ready to try anything, and happy to pitch in and help on any project.
  • Long-timer: They have been working there for a hundred years and might be tired. They may also be afraid to try new things, after all the status quo seems to be working alright. If it ain’t broke …
  • The planner: Someone has to steer the ship. This person synthesizes all of the ideas and puts together one direction to follow.
  • The do-er: Typically the person who executes the direction from the planner. This person moves fast, try to keep up. They don’t have time to waste.
  • The writer: It’s about creating engaging content for the company’s audience. Someone has to take the time to create it.
  • The designer: Every piece of content should have a compelling visual. This person has a unique perspective, and finds the less obvious option.

We all know these people on our team. Each one plays their part to turn out amazing work. Where do you fall? Who is missing from the team?

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