Favorite Character, A Profile | Storytelling MOOC | Creative Assignment #2

Second assignment for The Future of Storytelling – MOOC is to choose a main character from a television show and create a character profile. This was a fantastic assignment for me. As most of you know I watch too much television for my own good. So, I had a really hard time making a decision. There are just so many to choose from. Do I go classic and choose Sydney Bristow from ALIAS, or do I go more modern and choose Neal Caffrey from White Collar.

It was a difficult decision, but I chose to reveal it in an infographic. Hope if makes sense to you all.

The Future of Storytelling - MOOC- Creative Assignment 2


  1. Good old Olivia Pope. Gotta to love her and Scandal. Excellent work on your infographic and character study, by the way.

  2. I don’t know this character, but I love how you made the infogram. Looks awesome!

    She seems interesting enough, ‘gotta love defiant women!’

    Kind regards,

    • The show is amazing! Earlier this year, one of my best friends got me started watching it. I binged on the first season from NetFlix, then caught up with the then current season 2 on Hulu. So good! By the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s very well put together. If you can get it on NetFlix, I highly recommend!

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