Dreike Family Reunion – Day 3: Mont Tremblant

Last night we made it to Mont Tremblant to meet up with the entire family, cousins, greats and all. Many of us went to the top of Mont Tremblant. It’s been a bit rainy and overcast, so the view from the top was only as far as the fog would let us see. We did however get a pretty spectacular view from the gondolas on the way up.

A view of Lac Tremblant from the gondola going up (or down) the mountain.

My 90 year old Grandpa made the trip to Mont Tremblant for the reunion. He went to the top of the mountain today too. Here’s a good one of him, my Dad and my cousin Anna Lai.

From left to right: Anna Lai, Dad, Grandpa

After the gondola ride, I went back to the hotel and finally had a shower. Afterward, I sat with my Grandpa, a couple of cousins and ┬ámy Great Aunt and Uncle and listened to stories about when they were small. And, we looked at photos of the family and tried to put together a few new limbs on the family tree. While I was having a calm afternoon, the rest of the gang went on a ropes course slash zip line tour. Here’s a photo before they got started.

Here’s most of the family reunion gang ready to go zip lining.

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